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Why should I switch to Papa’s Pooch Fresh-made dog food?

Genny relaxing as Papa drives us home from Tampa.
It’s 2018. I’m 6 months old here!
I’m so pretty & I know it 🙂

Because you love your dog(s) of course!

Just smell that brown-pellet filled bag. Stick your nose in and breathe deep… okay stop! A light sniff will do if you really must. I couldn’t do it anymore. The junk reeks and I knew I could cook better food for my precious rescue pup. So about 4 months ago, early June 2021 that is, I cooked the first recipe. Simple, easy, and only slightly more work than tolerating that baked brown ball stench. Scratch that. Less. A lot less. Now when I smell my dog’s food, I enjoy the aroma. That’s a change worthy of a beloved dog!

Papa's Real Pooch
It’s 2021 here. I’m 3 1/2 now.
I’m a little shy, but full of love.

The recipe was pretty simple, but everything was fresh! Just a mix of fresh ground pork and beef, with shredded carrots, brown rice and a little bit of cheese. Eggs added at the end of the cooking process gave it an unctuous mouth feel and the smell and flavor was a tremendous improvement over endless bags of brown burned swag. In fact, I ate it for lunch more than once! Try that with stinky, crunchy doggy kibble!

Papa’s Pooch Recipes are all low salt, low sugar, with NO preservatives, additives, dyes, or added fillers.

  • All fresh ingredients
  • Real meat, real veggies, real fruits, nuts, cheeses & eggs
  • Low-sugar fiber rich and dense carbs
  • Cooked on heat with love and flavor in mind – Let’s face it. You don’t eat stinky food on the regular. Your dog(s) shouldn’t have to, either!
  • Small batches ensure quality over “efficiency.” Good cooks make good food. Good hosts serve good food, Good dogs deserve good food!
  • Flash frozen until served. Frozen within 45 minutes of cooking.
  • Serve warm or cool (or just thawed for a hot day treat).
  • Makes a great breakfast or lunch for humans, too. Seriously!
  • No preservatives, additives, fillers, or dyes
  • No over-baked, stinky, tasteless (or bitter!) poopy pellets
  • Excellent choice for finicky eaters
  • Owner can puree in a blender for dogs with digestion difficulties

Prices begin at $5.99 lb. Discounts for larger purchases as follows.

  • One pound: $5.99 (not recommended due to shipping cost)
  • Five pounds: $25.00
  • Ten pounds: $49.00
  • above ten pounds: $4.75 per pound up to twenty-five pounds max order.

Please visit our order page to see Food Flavors and ingredients for each recipe!

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