Papa before a meeting.
Papa before a meeting. Not cooking attire!

Papa is Dave. Genny is the pooch who helped Dave launch this crazy notion of his own line of fresh-made food for dogs. Yes, I know there are other brands available, but not many and I believe we are part of a wave of the future. So basically, it became a tolerance thing, then an idea, and now it’s blooming into a passion based on my love for my pure-hearted pooch. Who, I must say, really demanded better. She certainly deserves it! Order Here

I just couldn’t stand the smell of those funky brown pellets and neither could she! For over three years I tried every type that was moderately well-reviewed or better. I hated the way they all smelled and she wasn’t very fond of them either. Although I am aware that consistency helps dogs adjust to food, given how this amazing dog began her life, I wanted better for her. Store-bought variety was the way I began, but after a few years, I gave up on those stinky pellets.

Genny at home! Happy and healthy.
Hey Papa, about that pork loin, roast it for once!

Genny’s first reaction to the new food might be called ecstasy. She ate it with zeal! It was such a switch from what she had been enduring for 3 years, I was sure the food issue was solved. After four different recipes have now been cooked and tried, I can say without any hesitation, the reluctant eater has departed and my pooch is happier than ever. And, after four months of fresh-made food, her coat is glorious, her eyes sparkle, she has no health issues at all, and she never turns up her nose at dinnertime any more.

Whew! Finicky children really are a parent’s bane! Order Here

Learn Genny’s Story Here: All About Genny

Now that’s a face anyone can love 🙂

Our current recipes are available from the order page, but here’s a basic list.

1. Beef and Pork with shredded carrots, spinach and brown rice.

2. Beef with spinach & quinoa

3. Pork and sausage with carrots, quinoa & oats

4. Ground turkey and pork with green beans, brown rice & shredded carrots

5. Beef & ground turkey with brown rice and mixed veggies

Flavorings may include: Worcestershire Sauce, very light salt, light pepper, light red wine, maple syrup, honey, parsley, bay leaf

Supplemental items for crunch, flavor or nutrition (varies by recipe): peanuts, cashews, eggs (cooked), pinto beans, lentils, peanut butter, cheese

All items and quantities are clearly labeled on all recipe packs.

Our singular offering at this time is our Variety Pack, which includes two pounds of each blend. Shipping is included in the price. In the future, if your dog(s) develop a preference, you can request a specific blend when you order.

The Variety pack includes two pounds of each blend. Shipping is included in the price. In the future, if your dog(s) develop a preference, you can request a specific blend when you order.

All About Genny!

Reflecting on the field mice to be hunted in the barn, or maybe just sitting pretty for the camera.

Papa here. The most beloved dog I’ve ever owned started life in a broken household where she was beaten, neglected and frequently underfed. We assume this because of her condition when we got her. It was not a pretty picture, but even at 3 months old, emaciated, covered with skin problems with a clear whip weal on her side and in a bit of shock, she was a beautiful dog. Let’s hear it from her!

Papa made me eat eggs for the first two weeks, but alongside that brown ickimuck. Eggs are not a problem for me, like most dogs I love them. That brown stuff tho’? Have I complained about it enough yet? It took too long for him to wake up, but YES! He did. Now he feeds me food worthy of my princess-ness! In the beginning there was all this yucky food. It made me better, and I had energy, but it was king of like eating poo. And yes, when a puppy is starving, they just might try poo! In fact, for the first week or two, Papa caught me trying to eat more of it. But he was right about one thing. Regular brown dog food is better than poop, so I gave it up. It did take me a while to realize I was getting regular food. I didn’t know doggies got that! I sure never did. Under Papa’s care, with help from my bro Jordan and Mama, I healed in a few weeks. The worms were gone in a month or so, and I started to fill out and grow! I felt better. I looked better. My mood improved. I was happy!

This is 6 months after my bro
Jordan took me from nice man
Ryan’s arms in April of 2018.
Just look at me!

So, As Papa probably told you, he kept feeding me this brown gook. He would usually doctor it up with a little hot water and some extra meat and veggies, but still. If I’d had my own can opener, all the Tuna fish would have been gone and the brown stuff forgotten. While I’m waxing poetic, forget the brown crude and buy Papa’s food Hehehehehe! Order Here

You see, a few months back he cooked this big pot of food. It smelled awesome and I sat at the kitchen door waiting for a sample. Then out of the blue, right at dinnertime, he gave me a helping of the stuff and told me it was all for me! WOWIE! I ate it, then licked the bowl. All for me? I wasn’t sure what he meant, but after a bunch of weeks I haven’t seen a touch of brown hard stinky junk food. He’s cooked me a bunch of different recipes, too. I really enjoy the broofast #1. It’s delicious. Beef and Quinoa makes a great dinner, choice, too. Order Here

Papa tells me I’m the greatest dog ever! Of course I am!