FAQ: Frequently Asked Qs. As Applied to Papa’s Pooch

Image of Genny Tolerating Papa's Camera

1. Can Papa’s Pooch food harm my dog? A: Unless your dog is on a specialized diet, it is not likely they will be harmed by Papa’s Pooch food selections. It’s just fresh food, not pelletized. As long as it is kept frozen until ready to eat, it will be a healthy and flavorful change for your dog(s).

2. My dog is on a special diet. Can they eat this food? A: This question is best answered by comparing our ingredients, available for all blends, to whatever digestive or health issue they are enduring. If there is no food which contains whatever your dog must avoid, our fresh-made food should be a good choice.

Real food looks good before cooking. Our food looks just as good AFTER cooking. 🙂

3. My dog has food allergies and can’t have certain foods. Can s/he eat Papa’s Pooch food safely? A: This question is best answered by comparing our ingredients, clearly listed for all blends, to whatever allergy they are suffering. If there is no ingredient which contains whatever your dog must avoid, a switch to Papa’s Pooch should be a fine choice.

4. Is this food Veterinarian engineered? A: We did a lot of research before beginning cooking our recipes, but we did not consult directly with a veterinarian. However, much of the research we followed to build our recipes was based on veterinarian research and veterinarian published information. Some of these sites will be listed soon.

5. My dog is very active. Will Papa’s Pooch food provide the nutrition s/he requires? A: Our own dog, Genny, eats Papa’s food for every meal and she’s active all day and all night! 🙂 The short answer is if a bag of brown pellets, or a can of canned meat and fat manage to provide the nutrition your dog requires, Papa’s Pooch is only an upgrade and improvement.

6. I noticed fresh food options cost more. Why is this? A: Just like a head of broccoli costs more than a mass-produced bag of the chopped up veggie, fresh ingredients cost more than mass-produced bags of stinky pellets, full of gluten, fillers, by-products of meat production and sometimes unknown chemicals! Here Papa will add, toxic and unnecessary chemicals!

7. Will Papa’s Pooch pricing come down at all? A: Because we wish to bring this excellent dog food upgrade to the world, we are concerned with falling into debt. Our plan is to maintain pricing according to growth. So the more sales we can make, the more we grow, and our prices will adjust downward somewhat, or at least improve vs. inflation or economic growth. More orders mean we can by larger amounts of ingredients, reducing costs. For now, to ensure reinvestable funds, we are forced to maintain slightly higher pricing. That said, our pricing is competitive alongside larger brands and we are pretty sure your dog(s) will approve of the investment. 🙂

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Billions pressed daily!
Icky dry brown stinkies!

8. What brought Papa’s Pooch out of the idea phase? A: Passion. As Papa stated on the intro page, the stench of bagged dog food was turning his nose every day, and Genny was not happy with any of it. To get her to eat this stinky stuff, I had to doctor it with warm water and a touch of protein from dinner, or eggs from breakfast. Finally, while out shopping for the household, Papa grabbed a big pork loin and a large roll of ground beef and history

was made. Papa ground the pork and cooked it with the ground beef. Some shredded carrots and cooked brown rice went in and about 1/2 an egg per serving. Ding dong the witch was dead! She ate it! She ate it!

9. Why should I choose Papa’s Pooch over other fresh brands? A: Really it’s just a matter of preference, but if you could ask Genny, we’re certain she would want you to support her family and bring this deliciousness of “dog” food to the whole world!

Genny sampling the initial Broofast blend with craisins. Note her hesitation
in giving it up! Just what every parent likes to see! A happy eater!